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We understand that the development of talent is a journey which can be facilitated by having an understanding of child and adolescent development and sport-specific knowledge of the unique context and associated demands.  At Cultiv8 Academy our extensive knowledge and expertise is applied when working with clubs and organisations to create systems, structures, and support programmes to maximise the development of talent at all stages of the pathway.


To maximise player development we recognise the importance of integrated support and the value of multi-disciplinary services. We work with and alongside other specialists (for example, Technical Coaches, S & C Coaches, Physiotherapists, Nutritionists etc.) to provide holistic support which enhances the wider programme, facilitates development, and promotes overall well-being.  At Cultiv8 Academy we believe in incorporating support services within all facets of the programme, embedding clarity, consistency, and open communication within and across all disciplines.  



Whilst athletic development is a complex journey which requires a structured approach it is also necessary to maintain a degree of flexibility which enables the programme to change and evolve.  We recognise the importance of developing systems that operate across both training and competition environments which not only cater for individual differences, but which also tap into the social, psychological, and emotional development of athletes as well as the technical, tactical, and physical aspects of their programmes. At Cultiv8 Academy we understand the balance between support and structure and challenge and choice and, therefore, incorporate these aspects when developing environments to facilitate growth and optimise performance. 



The need to engage parents and actively involving them in the talent development journey is important in our work with Clubs and NGBs. We work with organisations to engage parents, developing their level of  self-awareness and enhancing their overall understanding of the sporting context. We work through a 4-Step Process: Awareness, Acceptance, Education, Empowerment, helping parents to understand the range of emotions that sport can evoke.  In addition, we explore solutions that can help both parents and their children to cope more effectively within training and competition.  Our over-arching aim is to create better connections and to help parents to develop their interpersonal skills, which in turn will help to enhance the quality of communication with their children and the wider coaching team. 

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