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High performance cultures

Cultiv8 Academy is a UK-based Coaching and Consultancy Company which focuses on developing people and enhancing the learning process within performance settings.


Laura Crabtree PhD
Lead Sport Psychology Consultant Co-founder Cultiv8 Academy


Richard Crabtree BSc MPC
Head Coach 
Co-founder Cultiv8 Academy

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Laura Swettenham MSc MPBsS
Performance Psychologist

Cultiv8 Academy


Ollie Waugh-Swain
Strength & Conditioning Coach Cultiv8 Academy


Nicola Tweedy
Cultiv8 Academy

Laura and Richard Crabtree created Cultiv8 Academy to provide a range of support services for individuals involved in youth, elite, and professional sport environments.

Both Laura and Richard, who have experience in performance sport as players and coaches, understand the value and importance of support services for athletes at all stages of the talent pathway. They believe that individuals have the potential to grow and flourish when immersed in appropriate environments. Through the support they provide Cultiv8 Academy helps athletes to enjoy positive sporting experiences and learn valuable life lessons that extend far beyond the athletic arena. 


The importance of working closely with coaches is a key priority at Cultiv8 Academy. The exploration of coaching methods and practices, leadership skills, communication strategies, goal setting processes, and monitoring and reflection tools are fundamental to CV8 Coach Programmes. By working with and alongside coaches Cultiv8 Academy is able to integrate and embed psychological skills within training and competition environments, helping to further enhance player development programmes. 


As parents themselves, Laura and Richard also recognise the significant commitment that parents make to support their children’s development. They are aware of the critical and influential role that parents play in creating appropriate environments to support and optimise their children’s wider learning experiences. Consequently, Cultiv8 Academy creates a culture where parents feel valued and empowered. They see the importance of engaging parents in the sporting journey, providing support and guidance to maximise parental effectiveness so that parents can fulfil their support roles more efficiently both at home and within sporting contexts. 


Cultiv8 Academy makes use of academic research and coaching and consultancy experiences when applying psychological theories and techniques alongside coaching principles. They provide practical solutions for athletes, coaches, parents, and clubs that are relevant and effective in youth, elite, and professional sport settings.





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