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High performance cultures

Laura Crabtree PhD
Lead Sport Psychology Consultant Co-founder Cultiv8 Academy

Laura has been working in youth, elite, and professional sport as an Accredited Sport Psychology Consultant since 2005. She has extensive experience of working with both individual athletes and teams in high performance-settings. Laura has worked in a consulting role at Premier League and Championship Football Clubs. She has also provided psychological support to Golf Academies and has extensive experience of providing psychological support services in Performance Tennis Centres both in the UK and abroad. 

Laura delivers high-quality applied psychology support to enhance performance by  exploring relationships, developing resilience, and promoting an understanding of overall well-being. 


With a background in performance sport at junior level and as a Level 4 Performance Tennis Coach Laura found herself becoming increasingly interested in how psychological factors can influence performance and overall well-being. She began to recognise the need to explore and address the psychological demands of different sports alongside their physical, technical, and tactical challenges. This prompted Laura to focus increasing attention on teaching psychological skills and strategies necessary for peak performance and how these can underpin wider coaching programmes and influence overall athletic development. 


After gaining a BSc in Sport Science (2003) and an MSc in Sport and Exercise Psychology (2004) Laura continued to explore opportunities to make sport psychology a more integral part of athlete development programmes. She has devised and implemented a number of Talent Development Programmes that have helped coaches and clubs (particularly in football and tennis) to embed psychological support structures and systems within the wider organisational culture. 


Whilst working successfully at an individual level with both athletes and coaches, Laura observed parents largely on the periphery, receiving limited support and guidance as to how they can fulfil their support roles effectively. With this in mind, together with her passion to deliver high-quality applied services grounded in research, Laura embarked on a PhD to examine the influence and impact of parenting on the development of athletic talent. Her extensive research has significantly helped her to create more relevant, integrated, and effective support services for athletes, coaches, and parents in junior, elite, and professional sport settings. Laura’s work is underpinned by and focuses on the development of collaborative relationships and transparency within systems.  


Whilst Laura continues to work with elite and professional athletes and coaches at the ‘peak’ of their careers, she also recognises that more support and education is required for younger athletes, development coaches, and families who are immersed in sporting programmes. Laura promotes a proactive approach to psychological development, helping children and their parents and coaches to develop an understanding of how the brain ‘works’ and how thoughts, feelings, and behaviours are interconnected to influence performance and well-being. Laura delivers multi-layered support services to enhance personal growth, maximise learning, and create positive meaningful relationships through participation in sport. 






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