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Not a Normal Tuesday!

Tom Loughton, a Tennis Coach at Cultiv8 Academy, is spending the next two weeks working as a volunteer for the charity Mission Direct in the Maasai Community in Kenya.

Tom Loughton, with some of the pupils in the Maasai Community in Kenya.

Mission Direct helps to support some of the most vulnerable people around the world. Their vision and mission is based on 3 main pillars:

  • Every child should have access to education

  • Everyone should have access to affordable healthcare

  • Everyone should have somewhere to live which is warm, dry, and safe

Working as part of a team Tom is busy helping to build dormitories at a local school, aid children with disabilities to gain access to schooling, and build accommodation for midwives at a clinic in a remote area of the Maasailands, so that 24-hour maternity services are available.

Whilst Tom has a busy schedule he still managed to find time to introduce the local children to tennis! It is certainly different to his normal Tuesday afternoon squad, but despite not having a court and modern equipment the children look happy, engaged, and grateful for the opportunity to play.

We at Cultiv8 Academy are very proud of Tom’s selfless desire to help others and his commitment to help to create positive change.

Keep up the good work Tom!

We look forward to reading more about Tom’s experiences when he returns.


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