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Where does your Spotlight Shine?

Having some understanding of why we do what we do is the first step to creating change. At Cultiv8 Academy we recognise the importance of exploration and the need for self-awareness. We see this as a vital component of our work with athletes, parents, and coaches which provides the foundation for follow-up. Over the years we have been exposed to a number of profiling tools in our capacity as coaches and consultants but have had mixed views on their applicability and effectiveness within sporting settings.

In 2018 Mindflick released Spotlight, a new profiling tool designed with performance in mind. The goal of Spotlight is to help individuals to understand themselves better, to enhance their psychological and behavioural flexibility, and to find new ways to thrive in all areas of life. Spotlight works on the premise that every individual has natural strengths and weaknesses and that there is no single ‘superior’ type of personality. Individuals are able to identify their (greatest) strengths, and the benefits of these strengths, but are also helped to see that if their strengths are ‘over-played’ that they can become weaknesses. By developing a greater understanding of ‘self’, ‘method’, and ‘mind’ Spotlight helps individuals to become more effective when working with others, and helps to enhance performance when under pressure.

At Cultiv8 Academy we are making use of Spotlight as a means of helping clients to develop self-awareness and an acceptance that perspectives can change. As individuals we need to become skilled at adopting the mindset and the behavioural style that is most appropriate for the situation in which we find ourselves. From a sport perspective, Spotlight is of individual benefit for athletes but it also has significant value for the whole support team.

To help athletes to maximise their potential and to assist support staff in their roles it is important to explore the following areas:

- Key character strengths

- Motivation

- When strengths might become weaknesses

- Response to success and setbacks

- Influences on decision-making

- Reactions and responses under pressure

- Communication patterns

By addressing these areas we are able to help individuals to explore new possibilities and to create personal plans to engage more effectively with others.  If you would like to find out more about the Cultiv8 Way and how Spotlight could help you and your support team to optimise performance then please contact us for more information. 


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